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Do i Need a Website for my Business

Do I Need A Website For My Business?

We live in a time where people use the internet for everything, from shopping to making bookings and so much more. One of the reasons why the digital revolution has made great strides is because businesses have investment in website design. Websites are used by just about everyone. If you are still contemplating whether you should make a website or not, this post takes a look at the top 12 reasons why every business requires a website to grow. Let’s take a look at the reasons why I need a website for my business. Let’s answer the question together…

1. 60 Percent of People Are Online

2. Improved Brand Value and Credibility

3. Websites Serve as Resume for Businesses

4. Offers Easy Influence on B2B Marketing and Transactions

Do I Need A Website? Improved Reliability

6. Professional Email Address

7. Open 24/7

8. Better Customer Service

9. Cost-Effective Marketing

10. Website Is the Hub for Social Media

11. E-Commerce

12. Increased Traffic Due to the Pandemic

Conclusion. I Need A Website! 😉

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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Complete Information of Web Designing Course Details | Web Designing Course in Muktsar

 Why web designing?

Web designing is the best career option in this digital world because everyone wants their personal, service, and business website to promote their business worldwide. This means if you are a better developer and creator in your life then this field is for you to get below opportunities in your career.

Who can do Web designing Course?

If you are a creator and enjoy the designing concept then this course is for you. This course is for all stream students. And whether you are a

  • Student
  • Job Aspirant
  • Professional
  • Housewife

Want to upgrade your computer skills then click on download and reach to the destination to fulfils your dreams.

Know more about the Web Designing course

Web designing is related to work on the appearance, layout, and content of a website that is displayed on the internet. Web designers more focus on designing websites.

The focus on appearance, colors, font, and images used to show on the website for viewer land on the website. Truly memorable websites require strong design creativity, which is made by the designers to show their talent in the designing field.

Duration of the course

6 Months Only

Weekdays: 2 Hours. (Monday – Friday)

Weekend: 3 Hours. (Sat – Sun)

It provides complete knowledge of web skills in computer which demands a skilled person for handling computer & web designing projects. Any stream student can join the web Designing course. It has 12 modules with duration of 6 months in our Samrat Technologies Institute.

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 Benefits of Professional Diploma in Web Designing

After completions of this easy and fast course student will be able to join any web designing or I.T companies for the private and the government sectors. The certification of this course is fully valid for any government and private department worldwide. Web designing is the only easy, simple, and fast option for the students to learn web designing skills with affordable fees. 

The more benefits of PDWD course are:
  • Short duration of the course
  • High demands of the jobs
  • Start own business
  • Work from home
  • Earn a good package to get financial independence

Job Opportunities

There are Lots of job options or job placement after completion of the Web Designing Course. Here we are providing the top 10 job opportunities on the computer which you can join after completing Web Designing Course.

  • Frontend Web Designer
  • Backend Web Developer
  • Coder
  • Web Application Developer
  • Design and layout analyst
  • UX Designer
  • Website Tester
  • Web Analyst
  • Web marketing analyst
  • Game developer

Job Sectors

  • Information Technologies
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality Management
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Media and Internet
  • Public service, and Administration
  • Teacher training and Education
  • Banking Sector
  • FMCG

Written By: 
Sheenu Singla
Samrat Technologies

Monday, February 7, 2022

post a job on facebook 1

facebook is incredible platform to promote your business. but Doyou Know You can also find your team members on facebook . Now You can post a job on facebook and let Candidate Contact you . it is free tool but it you want to show your job requirement to a wider area then you can also boost it on facebook just like boosting a post on facebook page.
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Sunday, November 21, 2021

How to work in C++ While Loop?

Statement : while in c++ hello guy's.... in today's video we are discussing about the control statements. control statements help you to control the iteration of block of code. we have 3 type of control statements in c++ programming. 1. for loop 2. while loop 3. do while while loop have following syntax that it follow to run program initialization while(condition) { //code of block update expression } so make sure you watch the video till end. stay tuned , happy learning . for more technical videos subscribe our channel : Subscribe: Facebook : Twitter : LinkedIn : Website: #c++programming #conditionalstatements #controlstatements #variables #datatypes #oop #class #object #int #float #stringdata #char #c++language #operators #arithmaticoperators #bitwiseoperator #logicaloperator #relationaloperator #comparisionoperation

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

How to use Variable in C++ language.?

as a programming student when someone is learning a new languge they are always curious about user input and getting corresponding output.

in C++ language, it has 2 predefined variables cin and cout . 
cin is used to give user input through keyboard  and cout is used to show that input on  monitor screen. 
in this video we will take a deep discussion on cin and cout in  c++.

so make sure you  watch the video till end.
stay tuned , happy learning .

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